We will help you develop electronics from specification to product.

Circuitry Scheme

We map out circuitry in Altium Designer and Multisim, which allows us to simulate and verify that everything works according to expectations during the development process, providing you with the ability to monitor and direct the end result.

PCB Surface

When the mapping is finalised, the files are transferred to a CAD for PCB development. This is done in Altium Designer or UltiBoard. We also take into account other conditions, such as EMC parameters.

Physical CAD-modell

A finesse with Altium Designer is that we are able to produce a 3d-modell which enables us to verify that the module has the correct dimensions and mechanics to fit where intended. Being able to verify the module in a CAD environment allows us to cut down costs and development time from having to produce several physical prototypes.

Material Specification & Manufacturing

When the module is confirmed we ship it to our chosen manufacturing partner. It is wise to choose partner early on, to allow for adequate time to choose from the manufacturers components and materials. Necessary instructions, tests and other assembly notes are delivered to out partner to assure alignment.