We offer a wide variety of software development solutions.

Integrated Systems

Integrated systems are usually refers to programs tailored for a specific product. If, for example, there is need for a regulating function, we are able to build a mathematical modell and upload it to the software via a drive. The processor will then run the function and regulate the specified command.

Data Communication

We can offer solutions within data communication for a wide variety of protocols. Our longstanding relationship with Volvo has fostered a solid experience of the protocols used in the automotive industry. We can deliver MODUS®, I2C OR UART if you require. Communication via Bluetooth and Wifi or TCP/IP are of course standards.

Web Applications / Interfaces

A website is a good way to achieve a communication, regardless of platform being used. If you want your product or application to be available on mobile, tablet or desktop; a web based solution could be the way to go. There are many standards which means it can be a cost effective solution. We are able to tailor the UI to any screen, so that it performs on your custom product.

The Cloud

If you require access to your data and applications anywhere, the cloud is a great solution. We’ll help you find an appropriate solution.