Policy of Integrity, SETEK Group


Who are included in this policy?

This policy is valid for employees, customers, consultants and cooperation partners. Personal data is information that alone or in conjunction with other services is used to identify a physical living person. Examples are name, address, email address, photo or a phone number


Storage of personal data

Our main purpose with collected personal data is to fulfil the commitments we have to our employees, customers and suppliers. As responsible for adequate personal data, SETEK Group has the responsibility to ensure that your personal data is treated safely and in accordance with applicable laws in all companies within the SETEK Group.


Protection of personal data

The companies in the SETEK Group protects your personal data by a combination of technical and organizational solutions. Access systems is mandatory on each individual computer and phone handling these data. Written personal data in binders and similar are kept in safe lockers.


Collection of personal data

We collect personal data from our business contacts through direct conversations, email and/or other form of correspondence. We can also note points of contatcs supplied in advertisements or other printed information given to us.


Example of personal data

Personal data can be name, email, phone number, postal address or other information you have supplied to us and is adequate for us to fulfil our commitments to you.


Use of personal data

Tha companies in the SETEK Group have the right to use the personal data we need to fulfil our commitment to you. Alternatively, if you have given your accept to us to handle your data. It can also be needed to handle your data in accordance with applicable laws or regulation

We can use your data to the following purposes:

To give you good service, handle and administer your questions and all matters by reason of our common businesses, projects, deliveries etc.

To give you adequate information about our operations, products or the project we are working with.


Accessability of personal data

Your personal data are used strictly within the SETEK Group. We do not hand out these data to any other company/person unless requested by law, regulation or authority or to protect our rights or rights of third party.

We never transfer, sell or trade your personal data to third party for commercial och marketing purposes. Data is only transferred to third party I requested to supply a service or fulfil a commitment.


Storage time

We handle different cathegories of data for different purposes and legal basis. Hence, the time of storage vary depending on the purpose of which your data is processed.



As registered at SETEK Group you have the following rights:

  • Right to receive which data has been collected
  • Correction if uncorrect data has been given us and stored by us
  • Removal from our systems, provided that the data is no longer required for the purpose it initially was intended for.
  • If data has been stored with your approval, you can at any time recall your approval if data has been handled improperly.

The right to be removed from our systems does not apply if we are legally obliged (i.e for booking and accounting) to keep the data.