We work closely with academic institutions to industrialise and commercialise their research.

Research projects that we are involved in:

Condensation Sensor

There is a large program within EU involving the industrialisation of research done on so called SME:s. A german institute has developed a sensor that detects condensation. We’ve developed the electronics for this sensor and also provided sensors for temperature and accelaration, comprising into an Electronic Sensor Unit (ESU). This unit is used furthermore used in a couple other research projects for other purposes.

Cutting Fluid Analysis

During the cutting process it is important to keep track of the cutting fluids properties. Indicators for pH-value, concentration and Total Alcaline (TA) are examples of what is possible to monitor with the system we are developing in collaboration with the research institute Acreo in Gothenburg.

Metall Detection

In the metall industry it is important that the metalls from processing aren’t released into the drainage system. We have together with Swerea developed equipment that can measure the percentage of zinc in water. The first prototype has been field tested and in 2017 we will be finalising yet another system that also integrates control functions for process chemicals within the treatment plant.

Hydrocarbon Detection

Hydrocarbon compounds, especially in diesel fuels, has an extreme ability to contaminate water. Together with Acreo we’ve developed a system, based on ultra violett fluorescent light, that enables the detection of small amounts of hydrocarbon in raw water intake. Applications are done in partnership with participating water treatment facilities.