From Prototype to Product.

When the development phase is over, and the modell is approved, it’s time to produce. We help you with all your manufacturing needs – making sure the end product is perfect.

Electronics Development

When the development is done it’s time to manufacture. Because we have a great understanding of the full process, from prototype to product, we make sure that the modell is constructed so that it is easily transfered into production. Frameworks and rules are considered and the solution is tested, making sure your product meets standards for qualifications and certificates.

Mechanical Manufacturing

When the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) are manufactured, they are usually mounted in some sort of rack or casing. We help you find the right method and execution for your product, making sure it is robust and reliable.


An important detail is the connection of a variety of details and products. Even  though wireless technology is very capable, many times cable are needed for signal and power transfer. Most of our shipment include a customised cable set specific to your product.

Documentation & Support

Before shipping your product – we assemble all the necessary documentation and prepare the packaging, which is clearly marked with serial numbers and/or production version. This way we all know what we’re talking about should you need support.