One of the succesful companies we are cooperating with conveys some impressions about the services provided by SETEK. SETEK has delivered some fully-rugged Panasonic Toughpads to be used on the field to generate protocols, diaries, journals etc.

Tautech AB

Tautech specializes in foundation with drilling, piling and tonguing as reinforcements of present objects. Today, the company has 12 employees including certified staff, site managers and administrative staff.

How long have you been active/when was the company started?

Tautech started in 2011 and during 2016 we were acquired by the Veidekke group to strengthen their market position in west Sweden.

Who are your main customers?

Among our main customers are Hercules Grundläggning, Pålab, Veidekke Grundläggning, Skanska Grundläggning, PEAB Grundläggning Rovalin.

What was your main problem before choosing Panasonic Toughpad?

We wrote everything on papers that resulted in an unlogical system where we had to manually put all field data, protocols, journals etc.

How long has the product been in service?

We have had the system in service since 2016 and our field staff can now directly write the protocols etc directly on the Toughpad and can immediately send them by email to our purchasing department and thereby have stop time and delays put to a minimum.

How has Panasonic Toughpad simplified your work?

More efficient handling of documents etc. Everything is now digitally processed by the operator on site from new documents to purchasing documents.

How has SETEK been beneficial for you (with pre-installations, adapted profiles etc)?

Our contact at SETEK is our inofficial IT-department, always alert, friendly and service minded. He solves our problems and knows what we want. A personal contact indeed.

What is your rating of SETEK on a scale from 1 to 10?